The Itbog Twin Falls in Lake Buhi

There had been many places that stirred me to take endless shots trying different lenses in all possible perspectives with various camera settings. And, there are places wherein you just want to have few shots done so you can put your gadgets to rest beside you and get lost in your thoughts admiring the natural splendor.

Fields of Dreams and Nightmares

The bars, restaurants, discos and motels in the area had their heyday during the Vietnam war when the young American soldiers on R&R, spent all their wages and allowances who were desperately trying to free their minds from the horror of war even for just short moments. Sex was everywhere!

CLARK GREEN CITY is in full throttle for the 2019 SOUTHEAST ASIAN GAMES

CLARK GREEN CITY is in full throttle getting ready for the 2019 SOUTH EAST ASIAN GAMES taking place from November 30 until December 10, 2019. The sports complex includes the stadiums, the aquatic center, and the athletes’ village. The latest reports claim a 35% completion of the entire project that includes the new wold class Clark International Airport. The area provides future expansion for possibly hosting 2030 Asian Games.

Le Pyramide du Louvre – a megalomaniac delusion of grandiosity.

The sublime glass and metal pyramid that was designed by the Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei, actually serves as the main entrance to the Louvre Museum, the biggest museum in the world. It is visited by about a dozen millions of visitors annually who come to see the grand objets d’art and chefs-d’œuvre including the ever popular painting of the enigmatic smile of Leonardo da Vinci’s “La Jaconde” known in the English-speaking world as “The Mona Lisa”.

Life is a Long Quiet River

The title “Life is a Long Quiet River” is the English translation of “La Vie Est Une Long Fleuve Tranquille,” which is a satirical French comedy film first shown in 1988.

It’s one of the very few films that I’d never get tired watching over and over. It was also the time when I became fully aware of the powerful synergy of a thinly coated sarcasm of French humour and wit in a movie with penetrating look into the most troubling social issues of our time.

The Barges of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine

Only 20-minute drive from where I lived in the northern suburb of Paris, I used to sit for hours and hours in one of the old cafés of a little town with some of its popular patisserie. My favorite seat was the one right at the edge at the right bank of the immense river, where I counted the barges chugging up and down.

A small pond in La Forêt de Saint-Germain-en-Laye

I usually drove to the place where I spent many of my weekends during sunny days. The pond provided interesting natural decor for scenic photography with its habitués as it became magical when it reflected its dancing sparkles of sunlight from the ripples of jumping trout and catfish preying on the multifarious hovering insects. Aside from being home to many other varieties of fish, it also provided haven to myriad of migratory birds and fowls.

The Bastille Day Bicentennial Celebration in 1989

One of the things that made the parade historic is perhaps the $15-million extravaganza of fantasy and symbolism, which was called “La Marseillaise,” a parade described by Goude as a “slightly frivolous opera-ballet.” An intoxicating revelry with cultural performers from around the world.