Solitude Is Not Loneliness

Drift away in the halcyon water of Lake Buhi towards the sleeping volcano, Mount Asog.

The coming long weekend is the time to go for the intellectual and spiritual retreat we deserve. We need to detoxify our spirit from the daily onslaught of invincible convictions viciously eroding our own sensibilities and finer feelings of empathy and moral sense. 

It’s time for us to re-experience how divine it is to free our thoughts from the demagoguery with all its incessant appeals to popular desires and prejudices. Let’s try our best that within this precious time to shut off these influencers, opinionators, preachers, marketers, columnists, bloggers, trolls, etc., from all fronts, thus, we are able to wholeheartedly find our inner peace.

For few days, let’s break free from those who manipulate our identities and values to engorge us with their pseudo-intellectualism diverting our attentions away from what are truly essential, – simply because that’s what they are paid to do irregardless of the great deal of harm they inflict on the lives of unwary victims and their children.

Let’s have this recess and let’s try to live our own lives not according to the ideas of others. Our escapades don’t need to be as luxurious and sophisticated just like the way they are being shown to us. Let us not listen to anyone’s interpretation of how our lives should be and aspire to match how they showcase their perfect sweet lives to us. Set our spirit free and rediscover the unpretentiousness of the countryside and exult in it’s gloriousness!


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