About Anton Prima

Anton Taday Prima is passionate in street and travel photography.

He was born in Iriga City and stayed with his grandparents until he finished high school. Nevertheless, he spent many years of his youth in Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte where his family resettled in mid 1950’s when he was a toddler. His social media posts are pot-pourri of travel memoir and his fond thoughts of the two lives he had had while growing up in a small city and in a fishing village where he considered the whole town his playground and the Pacific Ocean his swimming pool.

The little fishing town of Jose Panganiban in Bicol, Philippines.

After undergraduate studies, he worked for few years in Manila but soon found overseas employment in the Middle-East for the Saudi-American petroleum conglomerate.  After working for seven years in Dhahran and Riyadh, he was invited to work for a European firm with its headquarter based in Paris, but with frequent assignments mostly in the northern and the western regions of Africa.

One of the perks was being sent to study European languages and culture while working for the said company at the same time. After obtaining the Diplôme de Langue et Culture Française, in Alliance Française de Paris, He then pursued his studies in Univerté de Paris III and IV and got his Diplôme des Hautes Études de Linguistique Française while cross enrolled in Histoire de l’art et culture de Monde, a non-degree parallel program opened to bonafide students of beaux arts et belles lettres of the university.

Now a widower and a retiree, he lives in Angeles City and is back to part-time teaching of the French language. He has three sons and a daughter, and 5 grand children from the two married sons. One of his two foster sons is still in Senior High, otherwise, the others are already gainfully employed. One of his simple joys is seeing very few old friends and being surrounded by his children and grandchildren at weekends.

ABOUT “The Wandering Years”

He says, “It serves as the repository of his photos, ramblings, memoir, rants, nostalgia, ennuie, frustrations, indignation, aspirations, love and above all things – of his passions that ride high and low with the exhilarating roller coaster of our very short lives. C’est la vie!”

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