There is Sadness in Saudade

The closest equivalent of this Portuguese word saudade in English can be “melancholy” or “yearning”. We’ve heard of so-called “untranslatable” words. Well, there’s no exact English equivalent for saudade. Portuguese themselves are unable to easily describe the word. One writer defines it as a constant vague desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist.


In the book The Photography of William T. Vollmann, it says that, “‘When doing research and when taking documentary photographs, it is essential “to capture candid moments of reality.’ Therefore, a significant ethical guideline within the field is to never intentionally influence the scene or involve oneself with the subjects at hand.”

A Whimsical Farce In A Dystopian Hollywood Flick

“How many prisoners are there going to be, fifteen years from now? And they found they could predict it very easily, using a pretty simple algorithm, based about asking what percentage of ten- and eleven-year-olds couldn’t read. And certainly couldn’t read for pleasure.” – Neil Gaiman in a beautiful piece titled “Why Our Future Depends on Libraries, Reading and Daydreaming.”